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Wisdom of Life (Zoesophia) The Story of Life (Zoegraphy)

Wisdom of Life (Zoesophia)

All resources of life and reflections on it be integrated under the whole notion of Life (Zoesophia). This means that a paradigm of holistic integration for reflection on life should be manifest in any community of spirituality, art, wisdom, philosophy and science.

The Story of Life (Zoegraphy)

The Zoegraphy is used here in reference to an integral study of the whole life (living being), which involves biological and ecological as well as social and cultural dimensions of the life.

International Seminar on Towards a Convergent Vision of Peace in the Word

31 January 2011

The officers

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International Ecumenical Peace Convocation

27 January 2011

The IEPC will encourage churches to reflect and promote peace and justice in their lives and in their theologies.

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