What do we do?

Asia Pacific Center for Integral Study of Life was established to carry out research and professional training programs. It is a network of communities of life study, life movements, and life works locally, nationally, regionally and globally. Within the framework of the STUDY OF LIFE, higher degree programs (Master and Doctoral degree programs) will be carried out for advanced study, professional training and movement leadership for life.


  1. It is an ecumenical venture to establish a graduate college, alternative to the modern system of advanced education in theology and its adjacent disciplines in Korea and elsewhere.
  2. This historic task demands that we carry out programs of study, learning and training of people for their new roles to meet the challenges of globalization. A graduate institution should not be a market place of knowledge and information for profit, but a reservoir of wisdom and knowledge for new life on earth.
  3. It is our conviction that an alternative graduate college is a necessary instrument to meet the challenges of civilizational change. It is proposed that the Study of Life shall be a new paradigm for studies and education in the coming century. In the STUDY OF LIFE all the disciplines will be inter-connected as a comprehensive and synthetic network of studies such as ecology, geo-politics, economy, politics, society, culture and religion.
  4. The Christian study for life, (which is traditionally called theology) will serve as the foundational basis, embracing the religious learning of the peoples of the world. The basis is to build the new STUDY OF LIFE as an alternative paradigm of learning for life.
  5. The study of life will be anchored by Christian theological studies; it will be connected with all disciplines, related to the study of life: historical studies, anthropological and cultural studies, socio-economic studies, political and geo-political studies of life on the local, national, regional and global levels.

Chancellor: Prof. Kim Yong-Bock

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