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A People’s Charter on Peace for Life


Recognizing the yearning and right of people to live in peace with dignity;

Realizing that a new global situation has arisen with new challenges and threats to peace, in which the total life of all living beings is at stake;

United by the need to rediscover the true meaning of peace today as peace with justice and peace for life;

Conscious of the need to be self-critical about accommodation and compromise with the forces of domination and exploitation;

Underscoring the need for a new commitment as well as the need to mobilize people in order to make and build peace;

This Charter is adopted as an affirmation of the ardent desire and aspirations of the people for peace.


This Charter is adopted with the following objectives:

To articulate the people’s vision of peace for life;
To clarify and redefine the context and concept of peace for life;
To affirm the fundamentals of peace;
To serve as a reference point as well as a guide to action for groups and movements for peace; and,
To provide a framework on which instruments for peace efforts can be built in specific situations.

SECTION I A New Context

The New Context

Peace is the condition for the fullness of life, just as justice is the precondition for peace. Peace ensures the harmonious living of all humankind and creation. In essence, peace is the defense of human dignity and the integrity of the cosmic order of living beings.

From the most violent and war-ridden century in history, the world emerged into the 21st century only to witness the inauguration of an endless and borderless imperial war. A new international order of a global empire with its political, militaristic and ideological/religious dimensions is emerging. Led by the USA, the

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